If you have requested the integration of the service through our own systems as indicated in this section , the integration technicians will contact your organization, in the meantime, you can consult the service integration documentation through the PCI (Platform of Inter-Administrative Collaboration). The PCI is a set of systems and components aimed at the total availability of services with maximum security guarantees in the service and in access to the data and has a generic messaging with a "year" field (Specific Data) where you will to inform the specific data of the service.

If you integrate via web services for the first time with AOC services, the process will be a little more expensive.

The generic PCI documentation can be found at the following link , where you will also see that we have sample PCI clients for sending data to our platform in Java and .Net. Since you need to send attachments you will need to use MTOM, if you need to review any sample client, please review the MTOM PCI Client (we only have it in Java).

Specific RPC service integration documentation:
The following documents describe service-specific messaging:

RPC via PCI integration document + RPC integration manual + Excel tables attached to the integration manual

Test sets to be performed once registered for pre-production