To send invoices to the administration it is not necessary to sign up for the e.FACT service, invoices can be sent through the Electronic Invoice Delivery Mailbox . Learn more at How to invoice electronically if I'm a supplier.

If the volume of invoices you manage is very high, you can integrate your tool with e.FACT in order to automate sending and receiving. From the AOC we recommend integration for companies or organizations with a volume of invoices to be generated for Public Administrations exceeding 100 monthly invoices.

  • Integration request :

If you are interested in integrating your tool with e.FACT, you can send us the following document through the contact form .

  • Integration documentation:

Depending on whether you need to integrate with eFACT to send invoices or if you are integrating to receive invoices, you need to download the corresponding document depending on the type of integration you need to do: