The integration with the iArxiu platform consists of two phases:

Phase 1: preparation of the documentation to be transferred to the iArxiu platform. In this phase of the project, what are called transfer information packages (PITs), a container that includes the documents to be transferred and their metadata, must be generated.

The AOC Consortium, with the aim of facilitating this development, puts at your disposal:

Phase 2: Once the transfer information packages have been created, they can be transferred to the iArchive platform and/or consulted once they have been transferred using the platform's web services.

The AOC Consortium, with the aim of facilitating the development of integrations, makes the following sample clients and documentation available to you.

For more information about web services see:

  • Recommendations on how to make transfers or income in iARXIU: link
  • Options for querying or retrieving documents: link
  • Project github: link