The WSDL of the document entry module contemplates different ways or forms of transferring documents (what we call PIT, transfer information package) to the iARXIU platform. However, the AOC Consortium recommends that you use the following:

  • Enter, in offline or asynchronous mode, a PIT with references to binary files previously sent with a direct upload service. This operation allows you to upload large files without having to embed them in a web service call.

To make a deposit using this method, the steps are as follows:

  1. Obtain a ticket for uploading files and PIT (mets.xml) by calling the GetUploadTicket operation
  2. Upload files and PIT (mets.xml) via the upload servlet , which allows files to be uploaded using the HTTP standard. You can upload all the files and the PIT inside a ZIP file, which iARXIU will decompress later or not individually.
  3. Once all the files have been uploaded to the file server, the OfflineUploadIngest operation must be called to proceed with the entry.
  4. Because the entry is made using offline or asynchronous mode, the GetOfflineIngestStatus operation must be used to check the status of the entry.

For more information see the following document:Plataforma_iArxiu_WS_ingres_20130923